Instance validation error exporting page types from migrated EPiServer

I’ve been sitting the last couple of days migrating a site for a customer just for them to test the new site with live data and it has been a struggle. The last obstacle has been that when I wanted to migrate the page types from the developing site’s database I got an error saying “Exception: There was an error generating the XML document.[Instance validation error: ‘268435455’ is not a valid value for EPiServer.Editor.EditorToolOption.]”. Since Google and I still are really good friends a search for that error message got me one hit in EPiServer forums i went there and found the solution.

The solution is that you have to re-save all properties with the LongStringSetting value set to 268435455. I don’t know if there’s a way to the make this procedure with an application, but I did it by hand. Yeah, it took a while, but I got my exported data at least.

To get all these properties there is a SQL query in that thread which I modified a bit so I got the data sorted in a better way:

SELECT     tblPageDefinition.pkID, fkPageTypeID, tblPageType.Name, tblPageDefinition.Name, LongStringSettings
FROM         tblPageDefinition, tblPageType
WHERE tblPageType.pkID = tblPageDefinition.fkPageTypeID
ORDER BY LongStringSettings DESC,tblPageType.Name,tblPageDefinition.FieldOrder

One thing that I did discover though is that you have to do the same with your dynamic properties, if you are using them.

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  1. Vincent says:

    Thank you for this post, stumbled upon a similar problem and your query was very helpfull!

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